Have you noticed the inherent “yogi-ness” that naturally occurs in children? The curiosity, the creativity, the joy, the light . . . well, we think the world could use more of that.   The name “JoBea” comes from Josie and Beatriz, our inspiration and support. Josie is Mimi's (see below) daughter and the "why" to giving entrepreneurship a shot. Beatriz (nicknamed Bea) is Mimi's mom.  When Josie was an infant, Mimi found a childhood assignment describing her mother's desire to start her own business, which became more challenging as a single mother raising children.  With Josie eager to play yoga and Beatriz eager to support a new business JoBea was born.  Our big picture dream is that one day JoBea will become a universal term that will mean you've learned the ability to "just be" more often.  

As for Miriam and Ryann, the “us” behind the site - here is our online version of the dreaded “getting to know you” icebreaker game.

Miriam (aka Mimi Z)
Miriam began her yoga practice in 2004.  As a school teacher, she began implementing breathing exercises with her middle and high school Spanish students.  At a parent-teacher conference, she was thanked for helping a child cope with his parents’ divorce through the breathing exercises he learned in Spanish class.  This was a pivotal moment when Miriam began exploring the world of chidren’s yoga.  After thorough research, she registered for Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training in NYC in July 2011 and began teaching kids' yoga immediately.  When Miriam and her husband welcomed their first child into the world in 2012 the time seemed right to focus on family and a career transition to focus on Miriam’s passions, children and yoga.  Miriam completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance RYT program at Darling Yoga in 2012.  She studied at Rockhurst University where she obtained her BSBA in Marketing, BA in Spanish and Master of Education degrees.  Miriam loves being a student as much as a teacher and is constantly seeking knowledge from classes and workshops, but credits most of her “a-ha” moments to her young students.  She is an introvert and prefers silence over small talk and met her soccer-playing husband at a bar.  Miriam was a high school cheerleader and loves practicing her jumps on her neighbor's trampoline.

Ryann is a mom, a former school administrator and owns an art studio with her sculptor husband. She loves to cook, but not under pressure. She is a laidback worrywart, if that’s a thing. She, too, is an introvert and has learned to embrace it and find quiet when she needs to recharge. Ryann is an undercover (yeah, right) nerd who loves Sherlock, stacks of books and indie music. Anxiety: check, but she really wants to ditch it completely - enter yoga, (beginner’s) meditation and the ability to laugh at herself and others. Ryann wanted to be a marine biologist but studied communication with humans, instead. (Dolphins would have been easier to understand.) She has spent countless hours mastering the art of the mixtape (yes, it’s still called that) and has a head full of useless songs and jingles. She brings the same mastery goals and patience to "all things tech related" at JoBea Kids.  Ryann wore a lot of flannel in high school and had a bumper sticker that said “Question Everything”. She gets it now, but oy!

(They have known each other since their flannel-wearing, cheerleading days, and apparently have sort of a yin-yang thing going on. It works!)