Why kids' yoga pants?

I get that question a lot.  I've been formally teaching kids' yoga since 2011.  Before that, I worked in yoga lessons with my Spanish students, cross country runners, cheerleaders and any other students I had the honor of influencing since 2003.  I LOVE nothing more than seeing it click in a child's mind that they can control their emotions with their thoughts, movements and breath.  I am beyond grateful that parents loyally send their children to me for yoga classes and the main intention of this site was (and still is) to encourage a yoga practice for children.  So, back to the pants....I love printed yoga pants!  A few years ago, I was admiring my own funky pants (my favorites at the time were from the fabulous PrismSport) I thought to myself "I want these for my students" so I started looking at the kids' yoga pants options and was amazed that everything I found was an addition (ahem, afterthought?) to an existing adult brand.  I have no design background, but plenty of shopping and retail work experience so I started investigating how I could create a sample of a yoga pant just for kids.  I started telling friends, family and acquaintances casually and most people said "do it!" and a few said (sarcastically) "oooh, I didn't know you were a fashion designer!" (thanks to those haters..you played well to my competitive side). 

Getting a production house in the USA to take on a small batch like the first one we sold in Kansas City at The Little House was not an easy feat.  It took a lot of favors from my sweet cousin and disappointment before finding our gem of a production house, but it was so worth it.   We finished the logo, perfected our fit, and I  finally talked my friend Ryann into officially working with me on this "project", but our company did not yet have a name.  My teaching business was called MimiZ Yoga, but that just wasn't ringing a bell for the apparel.  Naming a business is like naming a child...everybody had an opinion on the names (including our IP attorney).  To refocus, I reached back to the "why" of starting this business. Knowing that the vision was greater than just selling some pants and teaching a few classes, it seemed the name had to speak to something more meaningful than the silly names that were tossed around.  Jo is the beginning of my daughter's name and her playful spirit is the inspiration for the line.  Bea is the beginning of my mother's name and she is the perfect blend of play + work...her work-hard/play-hard mentality has built quite an impressive career.  I always had a feeling that if she had not been a single mother she would have started her own business.   

So there's the long answer to "why kids' yoga pants?" - I guess the short answer is "why not?". JoBea exists to inspire play and empower children with yoga. These pants give kids something fun to call their own - well-made, ethically-sourced, happy yoga pants. Kid power!!