Mindful Holiday Gifts

For my December Fox 4 morning show segment, I've created a short list of "mindful gifts" for the gift-giving season.  If you are hoping to cultivate more mindfulness at home for your children, you cannot go wrong with any of these!  Shopping links are for local friends, but you can find most of these items online with a quick search. 

7. Hoberman Sphere (aka breathing ball) is a crowd-pleaser.  Yogis of all ages can't help taking deep breaths as they move the ball in and out.  Local KC friends can purchase at Brookside Toy & Science, Fat Brain Toys and Zoom!

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Thanksgiving Mindful Moments on Fox4

Holiday season is upon us and let's face it....that typically brings a whole lot of stress and anxiety.  Stressed caregivers produce stressed children.  This message is not intended to produce guilt or point fingers.  I hope that it causes you to pause and relieve the stress so that you can actually enjoy the holidays.  Acknowledging the stress is healthy....the next step is addressing it. 

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Mindful Moments at The Pembroke Hill School

Last Spring, I was having a bit of a professional dilemma.  I wanted to reach more children but didn't necessarily want to add to their after-school and weekend schedules on a regular basis.  As much as I loved teaching my students I was yearning to teach children to practice in a better way.  That, to me, meant a little bit every single day rather than an occasional yoga session.  I contacted three schools (I have strong connections at all of them and love them all) and pitched ideas to them that had been stirring in my head.  The school that bit first happens to be

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Family Yoga for a Good Cause

It's been over four months since we've posted a blog update!  Between moving homes, processing the world in which we live and working on an amazing project for an independent school (more on that in a later post) being an active blogger fell off of the to-do list.  Won't ever promise to keep it up regularly, but this is the easiest way to push information to our clients. 

Because of the aforementioned school project, Mimi's public teaching schedule this fall is almost non-existent.  In fact, there is only one event on the calendar at this moment

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