Family Yoga for a Good Cause


It's been over four months since we've posted a blog update!  Between moving homes, processing the world in which we live and working on an amazing project for an independent school (more on that in a later post) being an active blogger fell off of the to-do list.  Won't ever promise to keep it up regularly, but this is the easiest way to push information to our clients. 

Because of the aforementioned school project, Mimi's public teaching schedule this fall is almost non-existent.  In fact, there is only one event on the calendar at this moment (don't worry, PJ yoga fans, last Friday was too fun not to plan more before 2017 ends) and it's a GOOD ONE!!  If you have not heard about DO GOOD CO. yet and you live in KC then you are missing out on a gem.  Located in the 39th Street District, they offer a curated selection of home furnishings, apparel and accessories, as well as community workshops, events and volunteer opportunities.  The real treat is that they support KidsTLC and KC Pet Project.  In addition to donating select sizes and colors of our JoBea apparel to their collection, Mimi will be leading a family yoga class on Saturday, October 14th at the store.  Hope to see lots of little yogis and their families there!