Mindful Holiday Gifts


For my December Fox 4 morning show segment, I've created a short list of "mindful gifts" for the gift-giving season.  If you are hoping to cultivate more mindfulness at home for your children, you cannot go wrong with any of these!  Shopping links are for local friends, but you can find all of these items online with a quick search (hint: most are on Amazon if you're into that kind of shopping). 

7. Hoberman Sphere (aka breathing ball) is a crowd-pleaser.  Yogis of all ages can't resist taking deep breaths as they move the ball in and out.  Local KC friends can purchase at Brookside Toy & Science, Fat Brain Toys and Zoom!

6. "Mermaid Sequin" Items like this ...Zoom! has an extensive collection of sequin items including journals and pillows.  These items are all the rage (move over, fidget spinners!) and promote mindfulness through their sensory distractions. 

5.  Yoga Teddy Bears (sold online only!)...what's not to love about a teddy bear doing yoga?!  I've written about Meddy Teddy before and sadly they are sold out until January right now, but Yoga Teddy Bear is available if you need it before then.  Meddy is much more bendy, but can't stand up by himself while Yoga Teddy Bear's biggest trick is being able to stand up once you get him positioned just right.  Your little yogis would enjoy either of these little guys!! 

4. Yoga pose cards for kids like these sold at Fat Brain Toys and these sold at Barnes & Noble are so much fun!  Both of these sets come with several activities to do with the cards and the first set is a perfect size for travel.

3. Kids' Yoga Experiences in KC (personally this is what I'm doing for nieces and nephews...but they all live out of town so I had to research studios in different cities to purchase):

Aerial Yoga at Mindful Child Wellness or Learning 2 Fly (I don't work at either of these, but I'm very familiar with both and highly recommend)

Private Group Kids Yoga Session with ME! (Contact me to purchase and schedule)

2. Kids Yoga Pants....Due to shifting my attention on upcoming trainings and teaching we are discounting remaining inventory of these adorable capri pants made in the USA at a female-owned green factory.  Use code HOLIDAY17 through Dec. 15 for 60% off all orders.  They are perfect for Yoga and other mindful movement!

1. QUALITY (UNPLUGGED) FAMILY TIME...you knew this was coming, right??  Seriously, pick at least one day during winter break where the ENTIRE FAMILY UNPLUGS.